Why consistency equals success

If you have consistency, you can accomplish anything in the world

Explanation: anything you keep at, will get accomplished over time because it has no other option .. it has no where to run from you ..This is how your brain helps you accomplish stuff .. this is how you achieve long term goals .. this is how your brain memorizes, learns and masters stuff ….. all done over time .. not immediately or magically .. but over time .. seems boring but critical .. seems dull but it really isn’t .. it is the journey that you should actually love going through. Without the journey .. no kind of success could bring happiness .. quick gains are short lived .. and they lose their glow inside your mind even quicker .. no short term accomplishment could manage to give you satisfaction ..so many people focus on the results and forget that the real joy is in the journey .. and the ultimate satisfaction and sense of achievement, is in “finally” reaching the happy ending after that long journey .. the longer the journey the bigger the reward .. i once watched a bodybuilding competition only to get shocked at the reaction of the winner .. the guy literally cried like a baby when they asked him “how do you feel after finally winning?”

– it was a tough journey ..but i made it till the end

I remember how confused i was when i first watched the video .. i didn’t understand why would anyone start crying in sympathy for his own worth after such a big win … he should be laughing and dancing

But now i do understand .. that episode of relentless tears is the emotional burst after a long journey of hardships .. a journey of trial and error .. a journey of a learning curve that gets more exhausting after you become an advanced bodybuilder.. imagine how tough he had to become in order to keep lifting heavier every single training session .. watching his muscles grow bit by bit .. inch by inch .. seeing incremental and brutally slow progress.. no wonder he finally cried after the big win .. it is a cry of relief; after failing hundreds of times .. it is the inevitable win for the guy who never gives up .. these tears translate to his own subconscious: “i did it .. i am able to succeed .. i knew it .. o gosh i knew it .. and now i proved it!”

Wouldn’t it be amazing if we one day, could cry out of relief and triumph, rather than of dispair and shame??

The journey might be tough .. but it would never be as tough as the feeling of those who lived their life accomplishing nothing or gettng mediocre results .. nothing is worse than living like a void.

“It never gets easier … you just get stronger!”

Consistency will let you taste two joys .. the ongoing joy of pursuing your dream (i.e the consistent journey you go through on your way to your goal) .. and the joy and euphoria of finally succeeding.. This unbelievable feeling can never be really described .. it is too good that it only can be felt .. this euphoria i felt when i finally could do 30 uninterrupted pushups .. and when i finally could write a while loop in javascript .. and when i found out i can easily understand hebrew and french when their native speakers talk .. and when i finally managed to write so fast on keyboard without having to think about letter positions … and you know what the best thing is??? Is that the journey to a goal is hard .. because this is what distinguishes you from the masses .. what made you stronger is being able to say yes to challenging goals .. saying yes to hard goals .. that is what makes you a warrior ..what gives you full satisfaction .. let’s be honest here .. no one would want to succeed at something too easy .. the human brain likes challenging goals .. why do you think some people leave the comfort of their own homes just to chase a mountain top; climbing their hearts out on snowy slippery surfaces ..

The human brain gets bored with easy targets.. it’s easy to prove this theory .. you can see many people living the so-called easy life .. accompanied by a constant feeling of depression and lack of self worth.

Written on November 3, 2017
Posted in category: Self-Development