Medhat Youssef, known as Medo Joe on social networks, is just a guy who fell in love with code. Like millions in the world who never knew they would be involved in technology, he realized that his purpose in life is to produce code to benefit the user. He found his euphoria in successful projects. He lives off of better web design and smarter web development. He can never have enough of programming frameworks. For example, the word “Laravel” gives him goosebumps. The word “PHP” along with “JS” make his eyes glow; indicating impulsive attention.


This tutorial zone has one and only one goal, proving that coding and web development is not a monster. At least, not anymore. We strive to prove that anyone can learn to code easily. Ofcourse it’s proven that anyone could learn to code; but learning to code through an easy approach is the key target here. This has been a theory I wanted to address for a long time, maybe it was because I struggled enough until I learned to program. I almost even gave up. Whenever I recall these moments when I was going to ditch my dream, I feel a strong urge to help people avoid this dilemma. A learner should never get the impression that they are going to face huge obstacles before becoming a developer. It is time to put that monster to sleep forever. No more complex tutorials, no more intensive and big words. The internet user who starts out to learn programming will no longer be chased away by big terms and bumped up concepts. It’s time to approach programming computers in a slang everybody can understand. Are you ready? Let’s Go!

What we teach

We teach PHP, Javascript, and most of their frameworks. If you think we should consider more languages or frameworks, please contact us at the E-Mail below or through the contact form

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